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A giant leap forward
in short-term care

Thrive is a short-term medical rehabilitation center.
Our advanced methods cannot be replicated by long-term nursing care facilities that offer short-term care. That’s why Thrive patients’ are proven to heal faster and get home sooner.

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Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) recovery
Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
Placement recovery
CABG recovery
Valve replacement recovery
Pacemaker recovery
Arrhythmia recovery
Aortic aneurism recovery

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COPD recovery
Pneumonia recovery
Optiflo recovery

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Stroke CVA recovery
TIA recovery
Cerebral Bi-Pass recovery

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Wound care
Ostomies (Colostomy, Ileostomy)
Amputation recovery
Plastic surgery recovery
Hysterectomy recovery
Whipple recovery

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Joint replacements recovery
Fractures recovery

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Post Tumor Removal Care

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Medically Complex:

Trachs (Newly Placed and Capped)
TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition)

Why Patients Thrive:

Pandemic-Safe Design - Thrive is designed to help protect patients in a pandemic environment, with lower bed counts, deluxe private suites, an advanced air filtration system as well as strict adherence to CDC recommended sterilization processes.

Personal Care Teams - A team (consisting of an RN, licensed therapy specialists and dietitian) work with the patient’s personal physician to create a personalized therapy program based on the patient’s day-to-day physical, mental and environmental needs.

Optimal Nursing Care - Higher than average clinical staff-to-patient ratio and a higher ratio of RNs per shift, with LPNs and CNAs available 24-hours daily.

Deluxe Private Suites - Comfortable, oversized beds and ensuite bathrooms with secure medicine cabinets for faster care, limits exposure during a pandemic. Rooms have piped-in oxygen, if needed.

Advanced Therapies - In-house licensed therapists provide intensive physical and occupational therapy sessions seven days a week including holidays to prevent setbacks.

Exquisite Dining - Customized dietary plans, made-to-order gourmet meals and flexible dining room hours.

Seamless Transfer:

We’re Accountable.
Our clinical liaisons use advanced communications to virtually evaluate and assess a patient’s needs in the hospital prior to admission.

We’re Easy to Work With.
We offer 24/7 admissions, to support planners’ efforts to facilitate a timely discharge.

We Collaborate.
Our interdisciplinary, personalized, medical-care teams coordinate with hospital discharge planners and other case management team members to create therapies, based on patient’s needs.


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