Walking Through the Front Door

Welcome to Thrive. We are a group of industry innovators united in the belief that there is a better way to provide short-term care. Our goal is to make your stay at our centers as impactful as possible and get you back to your life. We believe in patient personalization and our highly trained nurses, therapists, doctors and other staff are here to make sure you have what you need.

The second you walk into our doors; you will notice a complete difference from any other facility out there. We hope that the first thing you notice is the smell. Well, the smell of pizza. Each of our buildings has state of the art kitchens, including brick pizza ovens, staffed by chefs and culinary experts to provide nutritious meals and world-class hospitalities.

In your private suite, you will find custom beds with in-room thermostat control for temperature and fan regulation. In fact, our units are designed to provide 50 cubic feet per minute of fresh outside air while maintaining a negative air pressure to the adjacent spaces of the building. What this all means is that the airflow in your suite will suit your comfort and keep you feeling healthy.

Unlike other centers, therapy begins early in your stay, and the facility is open seven days a week with specialists ranging from wound to cognitive care and everything in between. The bottom line is if you have a need for specialized care, it is right there in the building for you.

Our event staff comes to Thrive to pursue their passions to making people healthier. That is, you will find events that are engaging and educational, because, at the end of the day your stay at Thrive is about getting you out of our care and continuing on a successful path to recovery.

We know your choice of rehab is very personal and we have gone to great lengths to provide the comforts of home.

Simply put: Thrive is a beautiful promise that marries personalized health care and hospitality. It is a place that both you and your physician will be glad that you chose and a place where guests can feel positive, heal faster and get home sooner.

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Thank you for thinking about Thrive.

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