Frequently Asked Questions


A: Insurance plans can cover much of the expense associated with your stay at Thrive, however each insurance plan is different. As a care provider, not an insurer, we do our best to confirm and communicate to you your insurance benefits. Prior to admission, we secure a pre-authorization for care and services from your insurance company. Once approved for admission, we communicate with insurers weekly and provide updates on your progress and continued needs. We, however, do not play a decision-making role in what costs are covered and what costs are not covered. It is important to understand your own insurance coverage and that you will most likely have a deductible, co-pay and/or other out-of-pocket costs that are your responsibility.

A: Our center operates 24 hours a day, but our preferred visitor hours are from 10am to 8:00pm.

A: Each person’s insurance coverage varies according to their plan and provider. Most insurances cover a stay at Thrive, but we always check insurance benefits prior to admission. This allows us to verify if our center is in network and if there are any fees that would need to be met before admission (i.e. deductibles or co-pays). 

A: We do not have a star rating just yet because we are a new center. For newly constructed buildings, the ratings will be available in the coming months. If you are interested in feedback about our care, we are happy to connect you with former guests who can tell you about their experience.

A: We have a group of physicians credentialed here to see guests on a regular basis (each affiliated with a local hospital system) that could communicate to your community doctor. The goal is to have you see your physician following your stay with us.

A: We offer a private pay rate for those wanting to extend their stay or for those who are in the hospital and do not qualify for inpatient rehab insurance coverage. Rates can be provided by calling our Hospital Transitions department.

A: Visitors are welcome to join guests in our restaurant, but will need to make a reservation with our CuisineCare crew beforehand. Guests staying in our center receive complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner, but visiting family members and/or friends are required to pay for meals. We accept credit card for payment.

Click here for our pre-admissions checklist.

Thrive’s Infection Control Policy is available upon request. Please contact the Administrator at your Thrive location for more information.