RELEASE: Lake County Residents Receive New Options for Long Term, Short Term and Memory Care

RELEASE: Lake County Residents Receive New Options for Long Term, Short Term and Memory Care -

For Immediate Release: 

October 29, 2020

Lake County Residents Receive New Options for Long Term, Short Term and Memory Care

Mundelein, IL –  Alongside the GLMV Chamber of Commerce, Thrive Personalized Medical Rehabilitation has opened a new medical center for those seeking memory, long term or short term care in Lake County. 

“Lake County residents deserve the best treatments available and this center promises that level of care,” said Jackie Prestel, Administrator of Thrive of Lake County. “As longtime residents of the area, we are excited to help out our fellow community members and keep our friends and family safe and healthy.” 

Thrive of Lake County brings together multiple specialties into one center. It boasts 59 long term care, 50 memory care and 60 private suites. For short-term care, Thrive has an average length of stay between 2-3 weeks with the goal of providing an efficient length of stay that helps guests return home. Within 48 hours of admission, guests receive established discharged dates.

At Thrive, hospitality meets medicine. Through the CuisneCare concept, guests are offered extended hours at each meal to accommodate preferences and meals presented by culinary servers instead of the clinical team. 

The center has expert teams of RN, LPN and CNA’s to accommodate a wide range of clinical complexity. Using Point of Care technology, comprehensive care happens at the bedside using the most forefront technology. 

Specialties at Thrive of Lake County include internal medicine, infectious disease, physiatry, wound care, psychiatry, psychology and podiatry. Therapy teams include PT, PTA, OT, OTA, and SLP certifications, plus kinesio-taping expertise, and ACP® trained therapists to create accelerated outcomes. 

Thrive Ahead uses advanced healthcare methods featuring “personalized care teams” combined with welcoming hospitality that separates them and makes its care the better, smarter choice. Alongside Thrive’s other locations in Fox Valley (Aurora) and Lisle, that are changing the industry, guests can expect significantly less time recuperating and more time being themselves. 

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Thrive Media Contact:

Heidi Reich-Agular

(224) 406-7585

About Thrive

Thrive is a beautiful promise that marries personalized health care and hospitality. It’s a place where guests can feel positive, heal faster and get home sooner. Thrive has three locations in Illinois: Lisle, Mundelein, and soon-to-be Aurora across from Fox Valley Mall. For more information, visit

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