Thrive of Fox Valley Now Offering On-Site Hemo-dialysis

Hemo-dialysis bed-side in private suitesThrive of Fox Valley, a short-term center specializing in post-acute skilled nursing care, is now offering on-site hemo-dialysis bed-side in several private suites. Roughly one percent of skilled nursing facilities (SNF) in Illinois offer on-site hemo-dialysis with majority at least 10 years or older. Thrive of Fox Valley, which opened in December 2020, will serve as the first site out of the three brand locations in the Chicago area to have this clinical offering.

With on-site hemodialysis, Thrive of Fox Valley guests will have the option of receiving specialty oversight by an in-house nephrologist. The nephrologist will oversee the guest’s care, in conjunction with an internal medicine physician, throughout their stay and communicate any changes in condition with the guest’s nephrologist in the community.

“For those needing dialysis during a rehab stay, there are very few on-site options,” says Lynn Blackburn, administrator for Thrive of Fox Valley. “We can now provide a new choice for recovery where our guests can feel comfortable and avoid having to travel to outpatient dialysis center.”

Thrive of Fox Valley has expert teams of RNs, LPNs and CNAs to accommodate a wide range of clinical complexity. The short-term center uses Point of Care technology, which allows for bed-side comprehensive care using the most forefront technology.

“We are looking to increase our capabilities wherever we can and that’s why we felt offering hemo-dialysis for our guests makes complete sense,” said Brad Haber, principal and owner of Innovative Health, Thrive’s operating company. “We will only continue to add to our clinical expertise as we grow the at Thrive brand throughout the Chicagoland market.”

Thrive has an average length of stay between two to three weeks with the goal of providing an efficient length of stay that helps guests return home. Within 48 hours of admission, guests also receive established discharged dates.

Additional provider specialties at Thrive of Fox Valley include infectious disease, physiatry, wound care, cardiology, psychiatry and podiatry. Thrive’s in-house therapy teams include PT, PTA, OT, OTA, and SLP certifications with ACP® training to create accelerated outcomes.

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