Memory Care Facilities Near Libertyville

Libertyville Memory CareWhen it comes to finding a quality memory care facility near Libertyville, Thrive of Lake County in Mundelein serves as a prime example.

There is no place like home, until a loved one suffering from advancing stages of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementias requires more care than family members can provide. Then, there are memory care facilities near the Libertyville area like Thrive of Lake County, where professionally trained staff and proven programs benefit both residents, short-term rehab patients and their families.

Thrive of Lake County is only one of 21 memory care facilities near the Libertyville area that is Joint Commission accredited out of the nearly 9,000 listed memory care facilities in the entire state of Illinois. Thrive of Lake County specializes in both long-term and short-term care for memory care that includes dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Thrive of Lake County’s memory care program is considered the gold-standard in memory care facilities near the Libertyville area for a number of reasons. First, every resident undergoes a series of cognitive assessments upon admission given by Thrive of Lake County therapists to determine where they are in the disease process and to evaluate balance and mobility for safety. Second, Thrive of Lake County crew members conduct in-depth family interviews and collect family photos. In addition, they gather as many facts about residents as possible to create a special LifeBio, which gives crew members enough information to help them relate to their residents’ pasts since many residents do not function in the present.

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